Each person is at a different place or level on their career path. The Association will provide a structured career development path with educational workshops and seminars that address matters such as human resource management, studio management, accounting for non ‐ accountants, equipment inventory management and control, security awareness pointers for you and your staff on location, client service, marketing strategies and many other topics.




Workshops dealing with technical photography and client service topics and issues will be held for members on a quarterly basis. For purposes of fair coverage in the beginning Ghana will be segmented as:



APPG will run at least one workshop a year for sectors other than the Southern Sector that have a minimum of 20 Active Members in good standing. As membership numbers increase workshops will be held on a region by region basis.




These differ from workshops in that they are more of a traditional classroom type training session with more time spent presenting material from the front of the room. Workshops involve more time spent interactively with practice applications, activities and exercises. Seminars will be more applicable for certain subjects and courses.


Local and international opportunities to meet and get to know other professionals in the business working in areas you might be interested in, opportunities to share ideas and collaborative on work projects.


This will be the flagship annual APPG event. In the form of a 3 day street festival, this event will afford APPG members the opportunity to output and showcase their best work in a vibrant, creative and festive atmosphere. Provision will be made for display of works of all sizes with in an environment that will include music, food, activities and other creative enterprises. The clear focus though will be to create a massive outdoor street photo exhibition. After the first 2 events APPG will look into the feasibility of holding this event in a different regional capital each subsequent year.


This will be an online publication that features and showcases the profiles, projects, works, stories and experiences of APPG members. It will also feature authoritative articles from other sources that are beneficial to members. It will start as an online publication and as the finances and sponsorships become available APPG will commence production of a printed version as well.


This will be a curated and expertly judged competition with a limited social media contribution component. The Awards include substantial prize items such as cameras, lenses, accessories and other photographically relevant products and services. This will be made possible through the participation, collaboration and sponsorship of relevant selected corporate bodies and organisations.


The APPG Annual Convention will be a gathering of professionals in the field discuss the progress and development of the Association and of the profession in Ghana, to determine matters for advocacy to government and corporate bodies, to introduce new partner vendors of products and services, to experience relevant seminar and workshop series and to showcase relevant work undertaken during the previous year. Every fourth year the Convention will also be the forum in which APPG leadership will be elected to steer the affairs of the Association.


APPG will make available to members group insurance offers from selected companies for coverage of equipment, premises and other work ‐ related situations. These offers will be numbers based and so will come on stream once membership exceeds certain minimum required numbers. Discussions are still currently ongoing with various providers.
APPG will also compile and maintain a member equipment serial number data base for reference to help locate and identify property in cases of theft and resale. APPG will make available to members preferential legal service from partner law firms to deal with litigation and other legal issues.


Specific and exclusive discounts on selected equipment, products and services will be available to members from relevant selected vendors. APPG members will always pay a significantly subsidized rate for all APPG ‐ organised seminars, workshops and travel activities.


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