Reviewing An Ethanol Fireplace App

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces are a new technology whose time has come.

My job in this article is to explain the pros and cons, allowing you, the consumer to make an informed decision based on a through understand of Bio Ethanol Fireplaces.

Obviously, if you talk with sales people, they are only going to outline the positive benefits, rightly so, since there are many, but we’ll cover both the pros and cons and I’ll try my best to present unbiased information.

Let’s start with the CONS..

While there is no way to know exactly your interest or situation, I’ll present both sides of the coin in a somewhat general manner.

In most situations neither a traditional fireplace or Bio ethanol fireplace will generate enough heat to be your primary source of heat. This could certainly vary based on the size of the area you need to heat, but generally speaking a Bio ethanol fireplace will generate about 1-3.5 kW, which is about the same as a radiator.


Cost should not be your only consideration. Without a doubt Bio ethanol fireplaces are manufactured to high standards, but like anything, the more you pay, the better the device (in this case fireplace) you’ll end up with. There are some units that may cost upward of $2,000, while others would sell for $300 or even less. The sales person’s job is to move units, and they may or may not point out the differences between the units from a safety perspective, but let me assure you, there likely is a difference and the more expensive model will have better construction and more (on board) safety features.

It’s doubtful this was done with any malicious intent, merely the way that manufacturing works, in order to sell for less, it’s possible that lesser grades of materials were used and all (or portions) of the manufacturing process was outsourced (possibly to China). This is necessarily saying don’t buy the $300 unit, merely to consider all your options prior to purchase.

PURCHASE ADVICE: Ask if the product has been tested and certified.

CAUTION: While a Bio ethanol fireplace may be manufactured to the highest standards, it is very much still a fireplace and DOES consume oxygen, as does any flame. Do not operate in rooms without adequate ventilation.

Even though your Bio ethanol fireplace will have built in safety features, any device that is actively burning fuel should be treated with respect. Keep any flammable material well away from the flame and never fill the tank when the flame is burning, turn it off and let it cool prior to filling.

Okay, that does it for the CONS, let’s take a look at the PROS of a Bio ethanol fireplace

First and foremost is the simple fact you don’t need a chimney. Based on that very critical piece of information, you’ll have a great deal of freedom concerning where to place it.

FACT: An ethanol fireplace burns denatured ethanol and because of that, no chimney or vent is needed. No ash or reside is created, just a small amount of water vapor produced from steam.


Since there is no chimney attached, your fireplace can easily be moved from room-to-room. There are of course floor models, more suitable for a quick relocation, but even the fireplace models can be moved when and if necessary based on moving or home décor changes.


No Fumes

While a wood burning fireplace has been around for centuries, they emit fumes (dangerous ones) that can have negative medicals effects if a room became over-saturated. That isn’t a worry with an ethanol fireplace, as no dangerous fumes are emitted, which in essence is why a chimney is not needed. This based on the fact that ethanol is clean burning and the only byproduct is water and carbon dioxide.

NOTE: The amount of water produced is minimal and there is no need to worry about condensation on the walls. Additionally, all flames produce carbon dioxide as they consume oxygen. All that is needed is adequate ventilation.

No Ashes Means no Cleaning

While it’s a good idea to clean your ethanol fireplace periodically, wiping away any accumulated dust and such, you’ll never again have to deal with ashes, partially burned wood or soot on the walls. The only soot produced is where the flames actually touch the fireplace, and in that situation the soot produced is minimal.

Simple to Operate

Thinking back to our grandparents time (and in some cases more recently) using a wood burning fireplace required the chopping (or purchase) of wood, the act of building a fire (often time consuming and involved) and finally the removal of ash. None of that is necessary with an ethanol fireplace, you simply fill the tank, then ignite the burner with a long lighter (in some cases a remote can be used). The flames will early instantly come to life, reaching maturity in minutes, often seconds. This completely eliminates the long preparation time, now you can enjoy your fireplace almost instantly.

Consider the Facts

What I’ve tried to do in this article is to cover both sides of the coin and let you understand both sides of the coin. Are there cons, sure there are, but they are few and far outweighed (in this writer’s opinion) by the ease, comfort and safety of an ethanol fireplace.

There are multiple models to choose from…

Fireplace (which is the one discussed in this article)

Floor mounted (which can easily and quickly be moved from room to room as needed)

Wall mounted (very trendy and classy, I’d recommend a professional installation if this is your choice)

Exterior (while you can certainly move a floor mount outside, there are models designed specifically for outdoor use)

The choice you make is entirely up to you, but if you’re still reading, I guess you know which my favorite is; I’m ethanol all the way. Once you try one, one you experience the job and ease of communing with family and friends around an ethanol fireplace, I’m sure you’ll never go back to wood.

Getting An App That Will Help You With SEO

The importance of search engine optimization cannot be understated, in particular for those that are trying to make money from free traffic on the web. In fact, the term free traffic really is a misnomer in that it does cost a substantial amount of money in comparison to what was spent just a few years ago in order to rank on page one, or even in the number one position. Your ability to rank high has to do with on-site and off-site optimization factors which are constantly changing every single month. Without your finger on the pulse of what is going on, you will be left in the dark, and all of your efforts will be wasted. That’s why hiring a search engine optimization expert is so important today, so if you are trying to rank for St. Louis keyword for your particular business or niche, this is how you can find a St. Louis SEO expert that can help you achieve your goals.

On-Site Optimization Techniques


What these specialist will be able to do is what most people can’t do on their own. Most people don’t have the time, nor do they know what they really should be doing, especially when you’re looking at on-site optimization. A website is designed to not only have unique content, which is an absolute necessity in today’s SEO world. You also need to connect relevant pages together, improve your targeting of websites on the Internet that are authority websites that you can connect to, giving the appearance of providing relevant content for visitors which will help you rank higher on the web.

Off-Site Optimization Techniques

Just as important as making sure that your website is optimized as well as you can, you need to have quality links pointing back to your website, a sort of virtual ranking system that changes from time to time. The more links that you have which are developed gradually, coming from relevant locations across the Internet, the more likely it is that you will be regarding by Google as being the top choice for specific keywords that should be placed on page one or the number one position.

St. Louis SEO Experts

If you want to use a search engine optimization specialist that can help you rank for keywords in St. Louis, whether you choose to work with a company that is out of the St. Louis area, or someone that’s just good at ranking keywords and websites, you need to check their background and see what type of results they have achieved. Often they will have a little bit of information about how long they have been in business, recent success that they have had, and testimonials from previous customers. All of this will lead you to choosing the right company for you, and affordable one that can get you the best results. Now that you have a better idea of how to choose one of these companies, do yourself a favor and hire one so that you can get more free traffic on the web this year.

How to Find An App That Will Get You Into Flight Training School

If your dream is to become a veritable pilot, it is imperative to make sure that you choose the best flight training school. Additionally, if you are a pilot and wish to renew your flight instructor certificate, you have the option of attending an approved Online Flight Instructor Refresher Clinic Program from a reputable flight training school. Choosing the best flight training school will ensure that you get a solid foundation in your flight training; you will satisfactorily understand aircraft scheduling software, aircraft maintenance software among many other aviation teachings. Consequently, you will be required to do some homework so as to end up with the best flight training school. Fortunately, this article will give you some tips on how to choose a good flight training school that will help you separate the chaff from the wheat;

Online research

You can begin your quest for searching an apt flight training school via researching online. The internet offers you a viable means through which you can do get a glimpse of the modus operandi of different flight training schools. Some of the important details that you can mine from your research include the flight-training syllabus that each flight training school offers, and how much they will charge you for the whole course. To ensure that end up with the best flight training school, it would be wise to check each school’s reputation and make a list of the schools that have sparkling reputation as this is a telling sign that they offer satisfactorily flight training syllabus. It is advisable to choose flight training schools that operate under the umbrella of FAA regulations. Also look for certain rules to get yourself prepared for the course. Things such as, aircraft maintenance tracking software that may give you an edge when you get in to the class.


Visit in person

Once you have listed down several flight training schools that you believe are the best, your next step should be to visit each school in person so that you narrow down your list. Visiting a flight training school gives you the opportunity to interact with the instructors, as well as the students. Make sure you ask the instructors all the questions that you have and carefully assess the answers that they give you. An instructor that offers you answers with utmost professionalism and is passionate about what they do is a telling sign that their flight training school offers professional flight training. During your visit to each flight training school, you can also visit the maintenance hanger and check its state. If a flight training school has a clean and well-maintained hanger, this means it is an excellent flight training school. You can also talk to the mechanics who maintain the aircrafts. You will be in good hands if you choose a flight training school with happy mechanics.

Ask for referrals

Friends and family can prove quite resourceful they offer you referrals on some of the best flight training schools. Once they give you the referrals, you can choose to call and enquire more about the flight training school. Ensure that you get a good deal with the flight training school you choose. Competition among aviation schools is getting stiffer with every sunrise hence some have chosen to give its students some incentives so as to attract more and retain them. Some aviation schools give out free issues of AOPA Flight Training Magazine to its students as incentives. It would be beneficial if you select a flight training school that guarantees you that it will get an interview for you once you have finished your flight training course.

Location and the weather

Amid your research for an apposite flight training school, it is advisable that you consider the location of the flight training school as well as the weather at the said location.

How Technologically Advanced Are Web Designers?

There’s no question that a quality web programmer can demand a fairly large salary because of their specialized skills. Yet there are all these products out there boasting “build your own website” or “anyone can quickly build their own site.” So this leads to a really obvious question: are these just marketing riffs or how tech-savvy do web designers actually need to be?

While it’s true that some freelancers may push themselves off as web designers without a lot of technical expertise, the fact is that this is a complicated question to tackle. It’s easy to say a WordPress specialists is a complete novice with only basic HTML and CSS coding knowledge versus a programmer who knows multiple programming languages like Ruby, Java, and C++, in addition to all the HTML and CSS the WordPress guy would know.

Does that extra knowledge make the second web designer more technical? Absolutely. Does it make that person the right fit for the job? Not necessarily. Most of the time it’s a safe bet that a full-time web designer will be fairly technical, but depending on what purpose your website is going to serve, you might not need to drop tens of thousands on a freelance web designer or a full-time on staff designer. Depending on what you need, the short-term WordPress specialist might be enough, and you may be able to train someone on just enough to maintain. I had a graphic design kansas city that really came through for me one time, but then another time I had to go in house. So it is really depending on the type of job you are going to be doing.

Programming languages

When you’re talking about how technically inclined web designers are, the first two topics that come up are going to be hosting and programming language.

Hosting can be handled easily as long as you don’t need a server. This is one place where a good web designer who understands the entire process and what type of traffic you can expect can advise you. If you program off your own server, you will need a more technically inclined designer. However if it’s enough to get supported server hosting from a company like Hostgator, GoDaddy, or Blue Host, then that’s less than a concern. If shared cloud hosting is enough, that’s a complete non-issue.


Programming languages are an entirely different story. There are literally dozens of programming languages out there and each one is used for a different purpose. The coding used for a fully functional e-commerce site is completely different than what you need for a basic text or blog, which is very different from a highly interactive site based on picture and graphics.

In fact, when you’re talking to web designers about how tech-savvy they are, keep in mind there are a variety of programming languages out there you’ll want to know. Just some of the most common include:
– Ruby
– Java or JavaScript
– C and C++
– HTML and CSS
– Python

All of these programming languages require a certain level of training and experience to nail down. It’s extremely rare to find a programmer who knows all of them, but there really is no need to as several of these are variations of the same basic programming purpose. Think of it like the difference between Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and generic dark soda.

The type of programming specialization you need depends on the main purpose for your site. Are you selling directly online in an online store format? Do you want to push the customer to contact you by phone or e-mail? Are you looking for interactive forms that react online? These all require very different types of programming and that means different professional programmers.

Content management platforms

What blurs the lines between various programmers are content management platforms. This helps determine what type of programming language is used, and sets up all the basic framework for programming the specific looks and details that show the site.

A content platform is something like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. Many web designers choose their favorite content platform based on what programming languages they are most familiar with. WordPress is the best known content platform in the world and a full 18% of sites in the world use WordPress.

Straight coding from a server is another option, particularly if you use an in-house server. This gives you more flexibility than you can get from any other combination of programming languages, content platforms, and hosting options however this also requires an extremely technical and skilled programmer who can pull up an entire website from scratch.

How to determine skill

One of the hardest things to determine is the skill of a web designer. While many schools do have programming degrees of some type, programming languages are always changing and many of the most talented programmers are self-taught. Companies are always going to say they are the best. When I first learned about Who4Design I thought that I was getting into the wrong company. But I realized I can’t judge a book by its cover!

Depending on how many Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) were signed and what type of clients were previously taken on, especially in a freelance capacity, it’s even possible for extremely talented and technical programmers to have a long work history but very few references they can actually share.


This makes word of mouth references extremely valuable, especially from individuals you trust. Another good idea is having someone who has even a basic technical understanding of how programming talk to the potential hires. They will figure out really quickly if the person is on the level, or if they’re showing a lack of critical information and knowledge on topics they should know inside and out.

Even if you don’t need someone who can use Ruby, C++, or Python from scratch, there’s still reason to pay for a good WordPress or content management specialist. Knowing your way around these types of programs still allows for a stunning array of options and functionality when it comes to building a customized website for a client. In other words, for many individuals and businesses that type of site is more than enough.

Whatever your specific needs, finding a technologically savvy web designer you can trust is a huge step towards getting the website that your business needs and that you deserve. Do the research to figure out who the best programmer for you is!

App Review #1: Flappy Bird

The most popular app of late has been the simplistic app, Flappy Bird.

Most known, because the founder took it down for a bit this app made a huge splash in the community. People realized that apps don’t really need to be massively complex to be successful.

I think the two things that made this app successful was the look of it and the challenge. People love to be challenged when they play apps, but it has to be a quick challenge. The community enjoyed being instantly challenged when they opened the app. Also, it had a very cute look to the app, which made is aesthetically pleasing to the player.

I must say I enjoyed trying to beat my own scores immensely and I think the app did a great job at sticking to its roots of challenge. Overall I would give the app a 9/10. I hope the developer comes out with more apps soon!